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Minidryer/Stenter And Steamer

Product Information

D398A Minidryer/Stenter and Steamer(Labortex Model H-TS-3)Saturated and HT-Steamer, suitable for the chemical and dyestuff industry, finishing plants, research institutes and general textile industry. 

Basic design as MINI-DRYER, model R-3, owing the wide adjusting ranges regarding temperature, humidity, dwelling time, this apparatus can be used for

- Drying, curing and thermofixation 2O°-250°
- Steaming with saturated steam lO2°C±2°
- HT steaming at temperatures between lO0°- 250°C
- Test fabric size max.350×400mm
- Automatic pin frame transport with preselectable dwell time from lOsec to 6Omin.
- The ceiling is slanted and an additional heating is fixed at the entrance slit in order to avoid a formation of drop water.
- Moisture controller with regulation l0-100% steam generator can be supplied on request.
- Suitable for discontinuous operation in conjunction with lab padder, type AIR PAD.



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