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Air Permeability Tester

The Digital Air Permeability Tester M021A accurately and swiftly determines the resistance of fabrics (woven, knitted and non woven textile materials ) to the passage of air (air flow) under constant pre-set air pressure while firmly clamped in the test rig of selected test head/area. The specimen is loaded to the test area of the instrument easily by means of a clamping lever. By pressing down the clamping arm to start the test. a powerful, muffled vacuum pump draws air through an interchangeable test head with a circular opening.The pre-selected test pressure is automatically maintained, and after a few seconds the air permeability of the test specimen is digitally displayed in the pre-selected unit of measure. By pressing down the clamping arm a second time the test specimen is released and the vacuum pump is shutoff. Sample Holders. A 20cm² test head is included with the instument.
5 sq.cm test area, 20sq.cm test area, 25sq.cm test area, 38sq.cm test area, 50sq.cm test area. 100sq.cm test area.

Product Weight

80 kg 177 lb

Product Dimensions

Width: 900 mm   Depth: 590 mm   Height: 1000 mm
  36 inch     24 inch     40 inch

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