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DryRate 201 - Drying Tester

The popularity of moisture management products aimed at making the wearer feel dry and comfortable is soaring.
State-of the-art measurement and analysis of the drying characteristics of fabrics in the textile sector is essential.
DryRate 201 is a fully automated and advanced instrument with a heated metal plate, which simulates human skin starting to perspire at 37°C, that determines the drying rate based on evaporation rate from the fabric. The instrument comes with a touch screen controller for setting parameters, monitoring testing status, and reading final results. For more detailed analysis, testing data can be transmitted to a computer for real-time test curve display.


• Operate as a stand-alone unit and via a computer
• Automatic and manual selection of water dosing
• Real-time display of ambient and chamber temperature & humidity on touch screen
• 7-inch capacitive touch screen controller to instantly set parameters and monitor test status and results
• Test data can be transmitted to the computer for real-time test curve display with automatic report
• Closed-loop control system (heated metal plate and air flow) secures consistent test conditions
• Accurate water volume determined by the built-in precision water pump
• Built-in high precision anemometer (air flow sensor) and infrared thermocouple probe
• Specialized software calculates the end time and drying rate R of each test
• Multiple test-curves overlay display for efficient comparisons of fabrics


• Quality control in fabric and garment manufacturing

• Research and development of new functional fabrics and garments

• Evaluate all types of fabrics (knit, woven, and non-woven)

• Assess both production fabric and end products


Standard: AATCC 201

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