Color Spectrophotometer



X5 On-line color

The X5 can be used in any industry where colour is important as a product enhancer or as a process control indicator. Like: Food, paper, plastics, textile, paint, glass, packaging, tobacco, ceramics, building materials, pharmaceutical, and more...

The sensors modular setup provides solutions for a wide range of applications. For example:

  • Optimisation of distance from substrate and area of measurement.
  • Adjustment of measurement angle to accommodate gloss and texture.
  • Fiber optic modules for transmission measurement of transparent, semi transparent and liquid materials
  • The X5 can be controlled stand alone by the membrane keyboard on the sensor itself.
  • Multiple sensors can be linked and controlled from one central PC by use of ethernet, allowing inspections at various positions in the process.
  • Technical Specifications
    Measurement Accuracy 7 days: <0.5 dE* units without calibration
    (Using gray tile, 45degree, 20mm measure area)
    Communication 5 Digital outputs (of which one trigger input for fast spaced object measurement)
    2 Digital inputs
    1 Ethernet port
    Width 225mm
    Height 170mm
    Dept 65mm
    Weight 2.5Kg
    Measure area: depending on optics, 20..100mm diameter
    Measure distance: depending on optics, 20..100mm
    Measure angle: depending model, typical 45º
    Light source: LED (5000 burning hours)
    Power 12-24VDC (<2Amp.)
    Operating temperature 0º - 45º Celsius
    IP67 (Dust proof, protected from temporary immersion in water)

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