Color Spectrophotometer



Spectro Dens

Spectro Dens
Measurement technology Spectral remission measurement and colordensity determination to ISO 5-3/4
Measurement geometry 0/45° optics to DIN S033
Spectral Range 400 to 700 nm in 10 nm steps
Measurement aperture 3mm round standard
1.5*1.5 mm exchangeable (accessory)
2.5*1 mm exchangeable (accessory)
Light source Gas filled lamp, type A illumination
Polarization filter Twice linear crossed,
Switched on and off per button release
Measurement time Approx. 1 second per Measurement
White reference Absolute and relative
absolute white standard integrated and protected in charging console
Density Filter DIN 16536, DIN 16536 NB, ISO/ANSI I, ISO E,
Dmax (Advanced and premium models only)
Density Measurement Range 0.00 D - 2.50 D
Repeatability 0.001 D
0.03 CIE
Inter-instrument agreement 0.001 D
0.03 CIE
Display high-contrast, non-reflecting, LCD-graphic display, 240*160 pixels,
16 grey levels, contrast adjustable
Power Supply Rechargeable Ni-MH battery, regulated recharge via charging console with A/C adapter, 100-240V, 47-63 Hz, Approx 10000 measurements per battery charge, battery level control
Communication port USB
Weight 520 grams
Accessories small apertures
Print control strip TCS Film
Print control Strip TCS Digital

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