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Premier Colorscan SS 5100 A d/8 A

SS 5100 A d/8 A is a state of the art dual beam spectrophotometer for color measurement.

HOLOGRAPHIC DIFFRACTION GRATING for dispersing reflected light coupled with highly sensitive and accurate discrete sensing photodiode array detector.

The integrating sphere conforms to CIE / ASTM specifications for size, which is 152 mm diameter. The source is a very stable long life Xenon flash tube that is carefully filtered to D65.

Technical Specifications
Measurement Modes % RFL& TRN (5100 RT)
Measurement Principle Dual Beam
Sphere Dimension 152 mm Diameter
Illumination Pulsed Xenon
Wavelength Range 360 nm to 740 nm
Photometric Range 0 % to 200%
Optical Configuration d/8 ° Viewing Geometry
Accuracy 0.1 nm (avg.)
Repeatability 0.1 E CIELAB (White Tile)
Interinstrument Agreement (LAV) 0.20 E (Max)
Measurement Time 2 seconds
Large Area View (LAV) 25.4 mm Dia
Small Area View (SAV) 10 mm Dia
Very Small Area View (VSAV) 4 mm Dia (Optional)
Spectral Component Incl. / Excl.
Operating Temperature 15° to 32°c
Relative Humidity < 90% Non-Condensing
Electrical Requirements 110-120 VAc / 50-60 hz 230-240 VAc /
50-60 Hz
Weight 20 kg approx.


54 cm x 29 cm x 23 cm
Accessories (Optional and extra)
Vertical stand that allows 360 deg. rotation of spectro.
Fluorescent filters; 465 nm cutoff chromatic fluorescence filter
Fluorescent filters; 560 nm cutoff chromatic fluorescence filter
Fluorescent filters; 570 nm cutoff chromatic fluorescence filter
Clear plastic film measurement accessory
Haze device for haze of films
Glass cuvette
Hank holder for textiles hanks
Reflectance plastic cuvette for powders, pellets etc.
UV filter
Tablet Holder
Capsule Holder

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