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Horizon Software

The Horizon software program makes testing simple, precise, and efficient. The software goes well beyond data collection and presentation. It will help you automate your operations, from R&D to the charting and analysis of QC testing. Horizon provides a library of standard, specific, and application focused test routines that have been developed in close cooperation with our customers around the world and to the standards they are using. Among the many valuable features offered by Horizon are: a test routine library; simultaneous multiple machine control; test, output, and results editors; and multilayered security.

Horizon also includes the following:

Generation of user customized reports

Standard SPC programs for X-bar, R, and frequency distributions/histograms

Ability to recall, replot, and rescale test curves

Recall of data that spans different test modules

User-configurable machine parameter and control settings

Multilingual capabilities

Horizon is rich with capabilities that improve productivity and enable you to build, access, and use a modern, powerful materials testing database. It employs the latest Windows environments to create an intuitive user experience. Built in tutorials, on-line help, and help desk access provide additional user support.

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