Personal Protective Equipment Test (APD) Hazmat Test Mask Test (masker)

Personal Protective Equipment (APD) Test, Hazmat Test, Mask (Masker) Test.


Impact Penetration Tester

Impact Penetration Tester, is to determine the resistance of fabric to the penetration of water by impact, and thus can be used to predict the probable resistance of fabrics to rain penetration.

It is especially suitable for measuring the penetration resistance of garment fabrics, and also used to test the Water Resistance(Impact Penetration test) performance of medical protective clothing.

Standards :

- Medical Masks and Protective Clothing: NFPA 1999 – 2018, GB/T4745-1997, GB 19082 – 2009
- AATCC 42


Air Permeability Tester


The Digital Air Permeability Tester M021A accurately and swiftly determines the resistance of fabrics (woven, knitted and non woven textile materials ) to the passage of air (air flow) under constant pre-set air pressure while firmly clamped in the test rig of selected test head/area. The specimen is loaded to the test area of the instrument easily by means of a clamping lever. By pressing down the clamping arm to start the test. a powerful, muffled vacuum pump draws air through an interchangeable test head with a circular opening.The pre-selected test pressure is automatically maintained, and after a few seconds the air permeability of the test specimen is digitally displayed in the pre-selected unit of measure. By pressing down the clamping arm a second time the test specimen is released and the vacuum pump is shutoff. Sample Holders. A 20cm² test head is included with the instument.


Hydrostatic Head Tester


HydroPro the best value Hydrostatic Head Tester available, the HydroPro is powerful, intelligent and efficient.  

AFNOR G07-057
ASTM D751 ASTM F1670
BS 3321 BS 3424-26 (29C) BS 3424-26 (29A)
BS EN 20811
EN 343
ERT 120-1 ERT 160-0
GB /T 4744
ISO 811 ISO 9073-16 ISO 16603 PART A ISO 16603 PART B ISO 16603 PART C ISO 13994 PART A ISO 13994 PART B ISO 13994 PART C1 ISO 13994 PART C2
IST 080.6 (01) IST 080.4 (01)
JIS L1092-A
WSP 080.6.R4 (12)

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