New AATCC Washer from SDL has been approved by AATCC

AATCC Approves New Washer for Stability in Shrinkage Testing  AATCC  has  recently  approved  the  new  SDL  Atlas Vortex M6 Washing Machine to meet the  parameters for home laundering test methods:  88B,  88C,  124,  130,  135,  142,  143,  150,  172,  179,  and  188.  The  Vortex  M6  is  the  only  commercial  grade  washer  that  is  specifically  designed to address the most recent revisions  of  the  monograph  developed  by  the  AATCC  Research Committee RA88, Home Laundering  Technology in 2013.  For  decades,  AATCC  standards  for  wash  shrinkage  testing  and  other  sample  preparation procedures have called for the use  of  domestic  washing  machines.  During  this  time,  there  have  been many  changes  to  the  accepted  operating  parameters  of  a  top  loading  washing  machine.  Temperature  settings, agitation speed and style, spin speed,  and wash and spin times have all seen changes  over the years. While some changes seem less  significant than others, the net result has been  a moving target when trying to settle on what  results are correct from one washer to the next.  Unfortunately,  the  large  appliance  manufacturers do not have much, if any, interest in trying to help with the problems. They make  washers for the mass market of home laundering. If it can meet AATCC’s needs – wonderful, but  they are not going out of their way to build a special washer for testing applications. As of June  2016, only one home washer from a home appliance manufacturer was claimed to meet the  Monograph specifications but it has limited availability. This leaves many labs that need a new  washer without any options.  To  solve  this  issue,  the  AATCC  committees  agree,  a  laboratory  grade  top  loading  washer  is  needed. One that will have consistency of production over many years, offers advanced control  of the wash cycles, and that can be calibrated and adjusted like other lab instruments.   AATCC has recently added the Vortex M6 from SDL Atlas to the approved top loading washer list.  Designed to meet the latest top‐loading table of the Monograph, the instrument is a commercial  grade washer and is supplied with a controller, heavy duty variable speed motor, and custom  water temperature and flow controls. This construction allows the Vortex M6 to not only perform  wash sequences in tight compliance of the Monograph, but also give users the ability to program  custom washes with durations running up to 1999 minutes.   Additionally, the instrument also comes with alarms for out of spec water temperatures and fill  volume. The temperature alarm can be individually overridden one test at a time or, in climates  where the cold water temperature is never able to be reached, the alarm can be turned off for  all cold water tests, while the volume alarm will eliminate a possible overflow.  Finally, with the controller, motor, and other custom controls, the Vortex M6 eliminates the issue  of calibration drift. Unlike the historically recognized machines, this instrument can be calibrated  to ISO 17025 requirements and adjusted back into compliance easily by qualified personnel.   The AATCC standards requiring  a traditional top loading washing machine have struggled for  decades with inconsistency due to the changing models of home washing machines. With the  introduction of the lab grade Vortex M6, those difficulties have become an afterthought.  The  Vortex  M6  can  be  found  on  the  AATCC  Approved  Washers  &  Dryer  List  here:  For more  information  about  the  Vortex M6,  visit  or  contact  an  SDL  Atlas  solutions expert at 803‐329‐2110.       SDL Atlas is committed to providing customers confidence in standard based testing. With offices  and experts in the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and China, plus agents serving over  100  countries,  SDL  Atlas  is  ready  to  support  its  customers  with  instruments,  equipment,  consumables, and services anywhere in the world.    ‐      (US): +803‐329‐2110; E:  ‐      (Hong Kong): +852 3443 4888; E:   ‐      (China): +86 755 2671 1168; E:     

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